Friday, April 4, 2008

Selling Antique Lighting

If you have learnt the trades of selling and buying antique lighting, then you realize that you can make plenty of money especially for the buyers of collectors of antiques. I have some friends who make a fortune in this line. However, this does not mean that it will work for you. There are factors which you need to consider.

You should not quit your job yet. Just because you have sold a rare light and made a good profit, it does not mean that you will be successful. Any business will take time to grow and prosper. Take one step at a time. You may encounter some disappointments along the way. What happen if you are not working when misfortunes fall upon you? You have nothing to lay back on. When the business starts to show some good signs and prospects, then you can think about making it as your primary income. Selling vintage items is not going to make you rich overnight

When you sell your collectibles such as lamps, shades, wall mount or chandelier, you have many ways to market them. Carefully study the options. By choosing the right channel, you can ascertain that the business will flourish. Always stick with one that you are confident of. If you have been selling on eBay, then sell these vintage lights on eBay first before you try other options. Then slowly try the next channel such as consignment. Get as much experience as you can for these marketing channels. They will be your valuable asset.

There is no secret formula to be successful in antique lighting business. You need to try a few ways to sell them and find out which method is the most profitable. Through your own experience and your peers' mistake, you will have a better chance to succeed. Always stay update with the current trends of the industry and be alert with your deals.

Dan Johnson's Antique Lighting Museum

Antique lighting is the main attention item for Dan Johnson's antique lighting museum. You will see many kind of vintage items such chandeliers, mini pendants, sconces, table lamps, bulbs, glass or cranberry shades. Some of these can enhance the beauty of your furniture in your home or office.

Being an historical and classical person, I think by bringing the old collectibles of various illumination can return us to the past of life. Nowadays, I think it is difficult to find such as museum which can offer a wide range of rare lighting. Dan Johnson is one of the finest museums which has many selection of vintage lights and lamps. I bet you will enjoy the trip there.

You can view their antiques online at or just visit the museum in 7 Route 28, Orleans, MA 02653. If you like these old lights, you can buy them also. I'm certain that they will treat you very personally and give the best service that they have been recognized for.

List of items that are available at the museum:

  • arts and crafts, deco, gas/electric, two and three arm/drop, four or more arm/drop, hanging domes, and very rare chandelier.
  • collectible lighting marked Chase.
  • nautical, whimsical, very rare antique ceiling mounts.
  • bird, deco, flower, holophane lead crystal, all white glass, etched, frosted and/or cut shade, opalescent colored shade, gas, kerosene and oil conversion electric, arts and crafts, interesting collectibles, and very rare antique pendants.
  • single arm, multiple or single arm holophane, holophane type shade, single, and very sconces.
  • hard to find direct wall mounts.
  • arts and crafts, deco, holophane, jeweler's, nautical, whimsical, and rare table lamps.
  • candelabra.
  • outdoor post.
  • porch lamps.
  • rare shades.

Dan Johnson's antique lighting museum is not limited to light but it also exhibit miscellaneous collectibles such as door stops and spoons. If you are looking for ideas for your dream house, then visit the place. I think you will able to find something there.

Antique Lighting for the Dining Room

During the old days, antique lighting was used for formal and informal social activities at home. Usually, families gathered around in the dining room at least thrice a day. Therefore, during that period, you will notice that the dining room is beautifully decorated with classical values.

Every dining room had a rare lighting. It was believed that it can enhance the taste of the food especially when the families have their breakfast, lunch and dinner. The carvings on the legs of the table along with the utensils contributed to the elegance of the illumination of the room. This had prompted many business owners to offer various type of lighting products.

Usually the dining room is large so that it can accommodate the vintage lights. The lighting comes from various models such as Victorian, Colonial, French, and Dutch. Victorian seemed to attract many people at that time. Rich families own different kinds of lights and fixture such as lamps chandeliers sconces, shades, ceiling mounts, and pendants. The high demand of this lighting style drove many craftsmen to create masterpiece for the lights and fixtures. The creative works used various materials such as pewter, alabaster, polychrome, and brass.

The Englishmen has a unique way of furnishing dining rooms during the Victoria period. They believed that using the vintage lighting would make your dining room more elegant. The flooring is also important. That is why you will see the polished or deep crimson or black oak floor in the old English homes. The Englishmen had the tendency to match their floors with Turkish rugs that have woven materials as edges. The ceiling must be in dark oak shade. They used antique table lamps, wall lights, gas lights, stained glass lanterns, sconces, lamp standards, gas lighting, chandeliers, vaseline shades, Victorian and Edwardian fixtures, Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau light fittings to compliment the dining room.

If you like this kind of dining room, then start looking for antique lighting. This will lighten up your families especially you have regular gatherings at the dining table.