Friday, April 4, 2008

Value Assessment of Antique Lighting

When it comes to collecting antique lighting, you need to know about this field as much as possible. As the determination of the value of these vintage hardware can only be done by someone who is trained to do so. Just because you are not an expert, it does not mean you that you cannot assess the value. With certain knowledge, you can know the value of the antiques be it a lamp, a shade, or a chandelier.

When you examine any antique, the first place you look at is its condition. Some of the rare object may be tainted or damaged. In such poor condition, they may not be of any value at all. Always check for flaws during your examination. Some of these defects include chips, dents, cracks, undue wear and tear, stains and missing parts on the merchandise in question. Even a small dent is enough to devalue the rare collection. If you have an classical lamp which is in mint condition, then you can be ascertained that you will get a premium price if you should decide to sell it.

However, in some artifacts even with defects are highly valuable. Probably because it is the only one left in the world. Therefore, if the your antique lighting is very rare and you have not kept it in good condition, there are people who are willing to pay high price for it. Rarity can also be included during your assessment.

You may be surprised that not all rare lighting hardware are assessed based on it age. The factor of demand comes in. Supposing if the item is very high in demand but low in supply, it will carry a high value even it is not that old. So, for a lighting collectible which is more than 100 years old may not be able to fetch a good price. On the other hand, uncommon items such as a 20-year baseball card which is difficult to find will bring more money than a 100-year French chandelier.

The assessment of valuation of antique lighting is not be neglected. As a serious collector, you must know how to assess the value. Improving the skill of assessing rare objects not make your prized historical possession more honorable in terms of value but it also help you to collect a larger mass of these old lighting objects.

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