Friday, April 4, 2008

Antique Lighting

In the recent years, antique lighting has attracted a number people. Many are beginning to collect them for their own collection. Others buy them to decorate their home. When it comes antiquing, the process involves shopping, negotiating, identifying or simply bargaining for antiques.

Shopping for these rare lighting is usually done in estate sales, antiques districts, antiques conventions, antiques auction houses, antiques specialty shops and even in garage sales. You will be shocked if I tell you that if you are lucky, you can buy prized lights for a little cash at these garage sales. In other words, antiquing is to possess antiques either for hobby, business or gift giveaway.

The word antique is originated from the Latin word, antiquus. It means old. People collect them because of their rarity and high price. An antique should be more than 100 years old in age. Not all of them are practical to use. Of course, if you can find one that you can use, then it is worth the money spent. Each of this vintage lighting has its own history. Some of them appears to be classic which makes them unique and highy demandable.

You can say almost anything can be collectible. But most of them are the work of excellent craftsmanship. As a historical item, it represent a remnant of the past.

If you belong to a traditional family, your father may pass down some of the Victorian chandeliers or table lamps to you. However, in many circumstance these light fixtures end up in the hands of antique dealers. They will then sell these precious hardware to those who are willing to pay for them.

So, look around your home. Chances are you may find an antique lighting which you are not aware of. If you are interested in lights, then probably antiquing is the way to go. You will soon learn to appreciate these rare items. Who knows, you may decide to turn it into a business.

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