Friday, April 4, 2008

Antique Lighting Collecting for Newbies

Antique lighting collecting can be a satisfaction either as a hobby or a business. When you start as newbie in collecting these antiques, you need to learn about various aspects of rare light collection. In this post, I will address some tips that may be helpful for every newbie who want to collect these prized old lights as a hobby.

All vintages lights share a common attribute that is they are no longer in the production. Their value depend on how old the hardware are. Of course, the older the collectible, the more price it will fetch. As a newbie, you must know the age of the lighting items. This is the fundamental information that you must have. The same principle applies to furniture, coins and stamps.

You also need to find out the period of time the lighting fixtures exist. Most the of rare lamps, shades, astrals, argands, sinumbras, and chandeliers are made in the 19th century. So, you should start looking for the antiques that are found in this period. I'm saying that lighting that existed after 19th century is not valuable. Determination of the price also depends on other factors apart of the historical age.

When you are starting to collect them, always focus on one light. Let's assume that you are interested in classical lamps. Start collecting them first before you gather other lighting items such as chandeliers or candlebra. Focusing on lamp alone will benefit you because along the way you will learn so much about it such as the valuation and the description.

As a beginner you should also mingle with other experienced collectors. They are the ones who usually have the new items in their inventory. You can consult them for methods on securing new collection. They have the advantage of wide experience who can provide you with valuable tips that you may not get from books. Therefore, start associating with them and you will see that you will own a considerable collection of old lamps or sconces.

Instead of collecting them, you can light your rooms with renovated Victorians, Greek Revivals, Colonial Revivals, Arts and Crafts Bungalows and various other architectural styles. The imagination of what to do with antique lighting is up to you.

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