Friday, April 4, 2008

Antique Lighting Collector

If you enjoy the sight of rare cranberry lamps, girandoles, or candlelabra and feel like to picking it up as a hobby, then you start by becoming an antique lighting collector. These days, many people have started to collect vintage lights as more homes are built for families. Because of the increasing demand for collectibles, we have seen the myriad reproduction of historical lamps, mini pendants, beaded flush mounts, outdoor lighting fixtures, and post lighting. So, you can why antique lights collecting is so popular.

Some vintage lights collectors begin the hobby for fun while others make profit through buying and selling. Whether you plan to make money or collect them for recreational purpose, you can gain knowledge on how to be a good collector of these rare items.

When you start your collection, you don't need many resources. The amount of money you plan to spend is up to you. Sometimes by looking hard enough you can get a few good and rare lamps for little money. For instance, you can find some good bargains in the garage sales, auctions, and flea market. Nevertheless, the rarer the piece the higher the price you have to pay.

Based on the experience of avid vintage light collectors, they suggest that you learn about the period of times when these lights existed. There are a few ones during the 19th century such as Czech, French, Dutch, Victorian, and Edwardian. Old brands such as Gasolier, Monkey, Pan, Corneilus & Co,, Art Nouveau, and Vaseline should be studied as well. Some uses electric, gas, kerosene for illumination. This information is important before you buy any rare lighting.

Equipped with this data, you will know what kind of collectible lights you want to buy. This will prevent rip off which is a common case when you are ignorant about antique hardware. You will know the estimated value of these old light so that you don't pay more than the market price. Just like stamp and coin collection, the value of the rare lighting depends on the condition of the items, the scarcity and the current market price. You can verify the contemporary values with other collectors. Internet is another resource for checking the price.

This can be an exciting and fun hobby besides studying the times of the 19th century. Make sure you seek for the knowledge on antique lighting if you want be an avid collector. Knowing these rare lighting is important whether you are keeping them for yourself or selling them for profit.

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