Friday, April 4, 2008

Antique Lighting Dealers

When you think of antique lighting, they probably comes to you as old lamps or vintage bulbs. They have high value because of their historical background such as the Victorian. Some of these lights are very hard to find. Some will have higher price tags than the rest because they are much older.

Owning a prized artifact such as rare chandeliers may require the help of antique lighting dealers. They have the knowledge and expertise in dealing with antiques. They also provide valuation apart from selling and acquisition of these valued possession.

So the next time you plan to buy an old lighting fixture or conduct an antiquing, you start with the antique dealers. You can browse at what they and maybe you may find one that suit your style.

Sometimes, these dealers may request for professional opinions from their peers especially when they want to procure a certain rare lighting or after they have made the purchase. This is known as an upraising service.

Since they have been doing this trade for a living, you can safely assume that they know the old lights inside out. Today, many of them join the national trade association of the antique industry. One of them is known as CINOA. Many dealers join CINOA. It is an alliance of antique and art associations which comprise of members from 19 nations. It has more than 5,000 antique dealers.

The dealers know very well about different aspect of lights that existed during the nineteenth century. Each of them has a detailed expertise on different categories of vintage lighting. One may be an expert as Victorian lamps. Another may know so much about the rare Edwardian chandeliers.

Should you need professional opinion before you invest in any collectible light, you can always refer to them. As I mentioned earlier, they offer upraising services to their peers. You can ask for their service to verify your purchase. This will prevent you from paying higher that the market value. You will find these services helpful when you attend garage sales or auctions. You will have an advantage before the events start because you already have sought advice from the dealers.

Usually, if you buy any antique lighting from them, you can almost be certain that they are genuine. They can be considered as the safest source for your collectibles.

Antique lighting dealers can help in you in many ways. Seek for their help especially if this is the first time you buying rare items. If you want a safer purchase, then buy directly from them provided they have something that match your style.

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