Friday, April 4, 2008

Antique Lighting for the Dining Room

During the old days, antique lighting was used for formal and informal social activities at home. Usually, families gathered around in the dining room at least thrice a day. Therefore, during that period, you will notice that the dining room is beautifully decorated with classical values.

Every dining room had a rare lighting. It was believed that it can enhance the taste of the food especially when the families have their breakfast, lunch and dinner. The carvings on the legs of the table along with the utensils contributed to the elegance of the illumination of the room. This had prompted many business owners to offer various type of lighting products.

Usually the dining room is large so that it can accommodate the vintage lights. The lighting comes from various models such as Victorian, Colonial, French, and Dutch. Victorian seemed to attract many people at that time. Rich families own different kinds of lights and fixture such as lamps chandeliers sconces, shades, ceiling mounts, and pendants. The high demand of this lighting style drove many craftsmen to create masterpiece for the lights and fixtures. The creative works used various materials such as pewter, alabaster, polychrome, and brass.

The Englishmen has a unique way of furnishing dining rooms during the Victoria period. They believed that using the vintage lighting would make your dining room more elegant. The flooring is also important. That is why you will see the polished or deep crimson or black oak floor in the old English homes. The Englishmen had the tendency to match their floors with Turkish rugs that have woven materials as edges. The ceiling must be in dark oak shade. They used antique table lamps, wall lights, gas lights, stained glass lanterns, sconces, lamp standards, gas lighting, chandeliers, vaseline shades, Victorian and Edwardian fixtures, Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau light fittings to compliment the dining room.

If you like this kind of dining room, then start looking for antique lighting. This will lighten up your families especially you have regular gatherings at the dining table.

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